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Fintama joins OpenWealth Association

Fintama joins OpenWealth Association

We are excited to announce that Fintama AG proudly joins the OpenWealth Association, solidifying our commitment to drive innovation and collaboration in finance and wealth management.

As a Swiss fintech serving Asset and Wealth Managers, our inclusion highlights our dedication to innovation through open standards and high-quality data.

The OpenWealth Association is a driving force in boosting Switzerland's global financial standing. By uniting financial institutions, WealthTech firms and service providers, they establish the Open API standard, fostering a cohesive global wealth management community.

In partnership, Fintama AG significantly contributes by developing Custody and CRM APIs, aligning our multi-custody security account ledger and portfolio analytics platform with OpenWealth standards.

Specializing in innovative solutions for asset and wealth management, Fintama AG empowers clients across the investment value chain with cutting-edge products and services aligned with business goals and societal needs.

Our flagship, Hawkeye multi-custody data aggregation platform and value ledger, sets industry benchmarks. By leveraging OpenWealth APIs, Hawkeye streamlines data exchange between banks, family offices, and fintech entities, enhancing capacity to thrive in evolving finance.

Hawkeye empowers banks to seamlessly participate in the OpenWealth community, extending services to intermediaries via OpenWealth APIs integrated into core banking solutions. Our portfolio analytics module offers true multi-booking center, multi-custody reporting, and advanced analytics, powered by high-quality Hawkeye ledger data.

Family offices and asset managers leverage Hawkeye to aggregate custodial and crypto-exchange data, enriching it with manual non-bankable asset bookings. Hawkeye empowers intermediaries to deliver comprehensive portfolio analytics, manager evaluations, and reports while reducing manual efforts.

"We're excited to join OpenWealth Association, contributing to advancing the industry standard," asserts Heiko Sundermann, CEO of Fintama AG. "Fintama's Hawkeye platform assists banks in embracing standards, optimizing data, and providing sophisticated portfolio analytics."

The partnership between Fintama AG and OpenWealth Association signifies a remarkable step towards innovation, connectivity, and excellence in wealth management. We remain steadfast in our commitment to this journey, eagerly anticipating the positive transformation it will bring to the industry.