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Case Studies

These case studies showcase exemplary client engagements, demonstrating Fintama’s multi-disciplinary business, design and tech capabilities.

Target State for Private Banking user interface on a macbook laptop

Target State for Private Banking

The Challenge

Design a compelling and comprehensive target state for the service proposition of a global private bank, ensure alignment of deliverables to the business strategy, define the target operating model including business and IT-architectures, elaborate the implementation blueprint and design for the change organization.

This engagement covered four different business domains with client reporting, online trading, payments and investment services from both internal staff and client lenses.

Key Deliverables

We developed the proposition design for all four domains embedded in three distinct advisory offerings

We developed a capability model based on our business architecture accelerator to achieve the proposition

We created prototypes to visualize the new journeys and validated them with global user groups and end clients

We designed the high-level component architecture, data architecture and data flows as well as entity model

Mobile mockup of High Net Worth Mobile Experience

High Net Worth Mobile Experience

The Challenge

The client, a global private bank formulated the business objective to capture market share of clients with $2m–30m investable assets by evolving the High Net Worth service proposition and developing the lifestyle service model of tomorrow.

Fintama was asked to create a new service proposition for the client segment and produce a personalized mobile experience with the integration of banking, wealth and lifestyle services on one platform.

Key Deliverables

We conducted a business and technical evaluation of the current mobile experience and identified new service opportunities

We ideated and created a collection of product and service propositions which were validated and prioritized with user groups

We designed a clickable prototype and supporting video footage for a compelling mobile experience around the proposed offerings

We produced a comprehensive logical architecture with component view, data entities and integration strategy

Wealth Management Proposition interface design on a computer screen

Wealth Management Proposition Design

The Challenge

The client, a global tech company, formulated the goal to enter the wealth management market, leveraging their existing portfolio management and optimization capabilities from asset management.

Fintama was engaged in a strategic project to formulate the wealth management product strategy and design a prototype for a SaaS platform. This platform covers the entire investment management value chain from CIO capital market assumptions to portfolio management and reporting. Particular emphasis was given to use-cases supporting mass management of tailored model portfolios and supporting mass customization and scaling of discretionary mandate offerings.

Key deliverables

Formulated the wealth management proposition, leveraging the existing technical and data capabilities

Constructed concepts for various user journeys and interaction patterns

Designed a prototype for a thematic investment and direct indexing solution with a quantitative edge

Designed a SaaS platform for risk analytics, portfolio optimization and monitoring for a large-scale discretionary mandate offering