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OpenBanking Data Platform and Advanced Portfolio Analytics

Hawkeye is a modular OpenAPI data and portfolio analytics platform that enables wealth managers and family offices to  provide their clients with state-of-the-art reporting and advanced portfolio analytics on aggregated multi-custody portfolios, including crypto assets and non-bankables.

3D representation of Data-Platform flow

Data Platform

Value Proposition

Hawkeye provides convenient and secure access to reliable high-quality data from multiple custodians, booking centers and systems, via an OpenWealth compliant API layer.

The Hawkeye booking platform supports crypto assets as well as both bankable and non-bankable assets, and is made easier with out-of-the-box connectivity to multiple custodians, crypto exchanges and wallets.

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Key Features

Smart pre-processor connecting to industry standard formats and proprietary CSV, XML, PDFs and API formats

NextGen “object of value” ledger supporting bankables, cryptos and non-bankable assets and lot accounting

Data lineage by design and in-built reconciliations

Convenient data access via OpenWealth APIs.  Out-of-the-box connectivity to a large set of custodians

Asset Servicing Platform

Value Proposition

Hawkeye Assets Servicing module enables back-office teams to enrich the Hawkeye data with manually booked non-bankable assets or fees, corrections and price updates.

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3D representation of Asset-Servicing Platform flow

Key Features

Seamless real-time integration with the Hawkeye Data Platform

Booking of non-bankables and price-updates

Highest UX standards driving back-office efficiency

Two-way communication to downstream custodians

3D representation of Analytics Platform flow

Analytics Platform

Value Proposition

​The Hawkeye Analytics Platform enables sophisticated real-time  analytics on aggregated portfolio data​.

Rich risk and performance contributions as well as attribution analysis along your asset classification regime or on risk factor models.

On demand calculations paired with Hawkeye’s API architecture allows for rich real-time analytical use-cases bringing your digital reporting capabilities to the next level.

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Key Features

Pixel-perfect production of client statements​

Flexible contribution and attribution analysis on risk and performance

Multi-dimensional slicing and dicing

What-if and trade-off analyses